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ALERT: Lev Tahor Fundraiser Spotted In Crown Heights

NEW YORK (VINnews/Zvi Hershcovich) — A “Meshulach” going door to door raising money from Balebatim has possibly been identified as a prominent member of the Lev Tahor cult.

Uriel Goldman, who is a member of the Lev Tahor “Hanhala” and serves as their spokesperson, was allegedly recognized by a Crown Heights woman who had recently watched a documentary on the cult that included numerous disturbing statements made by Goldman on a Zoom call. While her sighting is unconfirmed, she felt alarmed enough to warn her followers on Instagram – and she contacted Crown Heights Shomrim.

Mr. Goldman has been confirmed to be living in Boro Park over the past few months in an effort to raise funds for the cult. Funds that enable the leadership to hold onto power and continue to hurt those that the donations are supposedly trying to help. This information came to light in recent months by testimony from members that have been able to escape the cult.



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