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Citizens in fear: Members of notorious sect move near Sarajevo, rent houses of NARS deputies

Residents of the settlement of Kula, in the municipality of Istocna Ilidža, fear that dozens of members of an extremist religious group, namely the "Lev Tahor" sect, have moved into two houses in their neighborhood, which, they say, is facing accusations of serious crimes, and they are additionally upset knowing that more uninvited guests might come here.

Residents of this settlement are asking the authorities to clear up this case urgently and as soon as possible, that is, to respond to the institutions, because, as they point out, they heard that this group is looking for accommodation for another 30 people, according to the text of Nezavisne novina .

"The fact is that they moved here sometime before the New Year. It's a community that we noticed doesn't communicate with anyone. It's all kind of strange. We don't have any official position of the institutions who came here or with what intention there," a local resident, whose name is known to the editorial office, told "Nezavisne novine", but he asked us not to publish it.



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