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Escapee from anti-Zionist Jewish cult struggles to save son

A 22-year-old escapee from an ultra-Orthodox, anti-Zionist cult in Guatemala is in the midst of a years-long struggle to retrieve his two-year-old son from the extremist group.

Israel Amir escaped the Lev Tahor cult in Guatemala two years ago, Channel 12 News reported.

Some describe Lev Tahor as the “Jewish Taliban” due to their strict rules of livelihood and extreme views.

Founded in Jerusalem in the 1980s, the group fled to Canada and then to Guatemala in 2014 under intense scrutiny for alleged child abuse and child marriage.

Before leaving the cult, Amir filmed a video during which he described the brutality of the leaders, the lack of food, and extreme conditions.

He sent the video to his cousins in Israel, who then flew to Guatemala to help him escape, according to Channel 12 News.



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