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Former Mossad agent describes involvement in Lev Tahor raid

Danny Limor, a former Mossad agent who participated in the operation that led to the raid on the Lev Tahor cult in Mexico, shared in an interview with 103FM what he witnessed.

"There were 26 of the cult members who were arrested, including two leaders, that remain in custody until they can be brought before a judge and charged with the crimes they've committed."

"Other than them, the cult is made up of many women and children, girls and boys aged two to 18 who were born and raised in the cult. Among the women, there are those who are full-heartedly members of the cult. You can say that they've been brainwashed, but you can also say that this is what they chose."

He added that the "crew is made of volunteers - former Mossad agents, a police officer and two lawyers. They all did an amazing job. The lawyers collected information, all the statements, so that the case they prepared could act as a foundation that would allow us to act within Mexican law, which is very sensitive regarding child abuse and human trafficking. The case was so well constructed that the Mexican Police had no choice other than to act."



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