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Lev Tahor: How the Star tracked sect members hiding out in Guatemala

PANAJACHEL, GUATEMALA—Finding people is one of the toughest parts of a journalist’s job.

When I was given the task of finding six Lev Tahor children hiding out in Guatemala, a country of 15 million people, with vast highlands that are easy to disappear in, it seemed impossible.

When I hit the ground in Guatemala Tuesday, I immediately met with a local rabbi in my search for the children and their parents, who are members of the ultraorthodox Jewish sect. The Star’s Oakland Ross had helped me make contact with people who could help find translators. The rabbi, who spoke English, had little information on the whereabouts of the children, who are the subject of an emergency order calling for their return to Canada. The rabbi also said a local journalist spoke with a government source who said there was no record of their arrival.



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