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Lev Tahor Moves to Guatemala, Abuse Continues

Is Shlomo Helbrans, the leader of Lev Tahor, a con man who uses eve­ry trick in the book to support himself and bolster his role of spiritual lead­er for his followers? Or is he a self-de­lusional quack who has a charismatic gift for sharing his delusion with oth­ers? JLBC has already exposed this man for kidnapping a child from New Milford, NJ in 1992, for which he served jail time, and which also triggered sub­sequent events, putting young frum children at great risk. Yet, somehow, Helbrans and his trusted aides have managed to amass millions of dollars in property and funds from the big-hearted and unwary public, and also from such renowned organizations as the Davidowitz Family Foundation. The group presents a picture of desti­tution to the unwary and believes that its staged performances for the media of observance of secular laws are tak­en seriously. They are even support­ed by the editors of Ami Magazine in Brooklyn.



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