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Members of the Lev Tahor sect escape from Mexican custody

Almost twenty children and adults from the Lev Tahor extremist sect have escaped from a center in Chiapas , where they were detained, as shown in images to which EL PAÍS has had access. The group of worshipers was in the custody of Mexican authorities after a raid on an ultra-Orthodox community camp near the Guatemalan border last week. The National System for the Integral Development of Families (DIF), the institution responsible for the facilities, has not commented on the incident.

In the images, boys and girls, dressed in the sect's characteristic costumes (dark suits for men and tunics that cover women from head to toe), are seen leaving the DIF care center in Huixtla, a Chiapas community. about 50 kilometers from the border with Guatemala. In the videos, the minors are shown walking together outside the facilities, while in other recordings released by the local press, some are seen directly pushing the guards who were at the entrance and getting into vans. The events occurred early this Thursday.



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