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Moldovan Chief Rabbi: Lev Tahor Tried To Enter Syria, Lebanon Or Albania

Chief Rabbi of Moldova Rav Pinchas Saltzman spoke to B’Chadrei Chareidim on Sunday about the attempt of Lev Tahor members to enter Moldova.

“After the Iranian government refused to accept them, a first group landed in Moldova overnight Thursday,” Rav Saltzman said.

“I only found out about it after they landed and from that moment we began to make the most of our connections. We appealed to the Moldovan President, government ministers, and local security authorities.”

“Our appeal was accepted. Another group of Lev Tahor members landed in Moldova on Shabbos (!) and they were sent back. A second group that wanted to board a flight on Shabbos from Turkey to Moldova were not permitted to board the flight.”



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