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Shabani: The Jewish community "Lev Tahor" does not pose a security risk

A group from a Jewish religious community resides in Kumanovo, and a house in the Zelen Rid neighborhood on the outskirts of the city has become a temporary home for dozens of members of this community.

Some of the residents of this neighborhood reacted and asked for their relocation, and some describe them as peaceful people. They have a different appearance, with specific clothing on their heads, which are rumored in the public to be part of the radical Jewish religious group Lev Tahor .

Panic among the people of Kumanovo, but also interest among the general public in the country appeared after these foreign citizens, who are 30 to 40 in number, started walking freely through the streets of Kumanovo. A greater presence of children was noted among them. Their clothing and way of life instills uneasiness among the Cumans, especially when they spot them late at night. We are talking about people with American and Canadian citizenship, who rented a house to stay in Kumanovo.



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