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Meet Uriel Goldman

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

More than a spokesperson: he is suspected of being the driving force behind the cult.


Uriel Yosef Goldman (a.k.a. Feish Uriel Yosef Goldman)


Lev Tahor spokesperson.


Fundraiser, suspected strategist and fixer


Helping Lev Tahor's jailed leaders fight legal battles and working to find a safe haven for the cult in countries like Iran.


Brother: Michael Yehuda Goldman (Lev Tahor teacher suspected of molestation and child abuse)

Son: Yisroel Yehuda Efraim Goldman (suspected to be involved in a kidnapping attempt)


Uriel Goldman and his brother Michael Yehuda joined Lev Tahor when they were still in Israel. A former member of Bnei Akiva, Uriel’s intelligence, persuasiveness, and communication skills turned him into one of the cult’s leading fundraisers, their formal spokesperson, and an advisor to cult founder Shlomo Helbrans and the Hanhala (“administration”). He holds Israeli, American, and Argentinian citizenship.

As evidenced from numerous documentaries on Lev Tahor, Goldman is very active in backstage management. He is present in almost all formal media interviews, and can often be spotted behind the scenes, sometimes even communicating with those who have less experience speaking in front of cameras. He is also Lev Tahor’s chief correspondent with politicians and supporters, with leadership of various Chassidic communities, and both the English and Yiddish media.

As Lev Tahor’s top fundraiser, Goldman is skilful at adapting, adjusting, manipulating, and finding creative methods for the cult to raise millions of dollars through various business dealings and "creative" solicitation campaigns.

In the early years of the cult, Goldman claims to have urged Shlomo Helbrans to leave Israel before a possible government crackdown. After arrival in the United States and establishing a Lev Tahor Yeshiva, a parent brought a 12-year-old boy for Bar Mitzvah lessons and Shlomo Helbrans decided to remove/kidnap him from his family. Goldman was the one who paid the young teen’s travel expenses and a $5000 payment so Fhima could testify on Helbrans’ behalf during the kidnapping trial. Goldman was also caught on camera commanding inferiors to hide computers and other potential evidence.

In 2018, several weeks after Lev Tahor kidnapped two children, Goldman was detained by Mexican authorities together with several other members of Lev Tahor. He was flown to the United States and later released.

Goldman still travels for fundraising purposes and to try and establish connections with governments and religious Jewish leadership across the globe. He is an integral part of Lev Tahor’s operations and organization.


After being released from a United States prison, cult founder Shlomo Helbrans was deported to Israel, where he would likely be investigated. Helbrans was granted political asylum in Canada based on Goldman’s sworn testimony that he had been sent by the Israeli government to infiltrate Lev Tahor. However, Goldman later admitted, in leaked audio from a phone call, that he had lied to Canadian authorities.


Lying to Canadian government authorities, money laundering, charity fraud, fundraising for Lev Tahor under the name of other organizations


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