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“We Don’t Want Lev Tahor Here,” Iraqi Official Says

Over 70 Lev Tahor members have been held in a building near Istanbul Airport in Turkey since Tuesday morning, where they were forced to fly by Iraqi officials from Erbil Airport in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

ֶThe Lev Tahor group had managed to successfully leave Guatemala and reach Iraq in an attempt to eventually enter Iran but were detained by Iraqi officials and forced to leave the country.

An Iraqi official told B’Chadrei: “We don’t want [Lev Tahor] here. They already caused trouble in Guatemala, Canada, the US and Mexico and there are unpleasant stories about them. We’re not looking for people like that, we know they’ll cause trouble here also. We’ll do everything we can to prevent them from returning here.”



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