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Meet Jacob Rosner

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

"He is the ambassador of Lev Tahor to the United States." - unnamed source to the New York Post.

Jacob Rosner is the brother of Lev Tahor administration member Mayer Rosner. Arrested in December 2018, he was accused of financing a Lev Tahor operation to kidnap two children who had escaped from the cult together with their mother.

According to federal prosecutors, Rosner sent money to the kidnappers every few days, loaned them his van, and advised a cooperating witness to "lie to law enforcement."

In January 2019, Rosner was released on $10 million bail and ordered to home detention with GPS monitoring at his residence in Brooklyn, New York.

On September 7, 2022, Mr. Rosner was sentenced in a New York court. During the sentencing Mr. Rosner spoke passionately to the judge about his remorse and his awakening to the cult's toxic reality. The judge replied with a heartfelt speech about faith and the need for self reflection. Proceeding this, he let Mr. Rosner free on account of his time already served.


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