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Moldova Refuses Entry To Lev Tahor, Chief Rabbi Writes Urgent Letter

A group of Lev Tahor members tried to enter Moldova on Thursday but were refused entry into the country.

As YWN reported last week, 72 Lev Tahor members who traveled from Guatemala to Iraq were forced by local authorities to board a flight to Turkey, where they were held by Turkish authorities in a building near the Istanbul Aiport for several days. At least 30 members of the group then entered Romania, with other reports saying that all 72 members entered Romania.

The Romanian authorities apparently later changed their mind about allowing the cult members to stay in the country and they continued to Moldova, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported on Friday. However, the authorities in Moldova also refused to allow them to stay in the country and told them to return where they came from. According to the report, some of the members returned to Turkey and others are still searching for a country that will allow them entry.



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