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VIDEO: Drama In Guatemala: Lev Tahor Members Arrested On Way To Mexico

Members of the Lev Tahor cult, who are currently on a mission to travel to Iran, were arrested by Guatemalan authorities on the way to Mexico on two buses.

The cult members, who were prevented from flying out of Guatemala by security authorities about ten days ago, tried to evade the authorities this time by traveling to Mexico, from where they planned to fly to the Kurdistan area and then enter Iran.

A video of the incident shows the cult members on the bus being returned to their place of residence in Guatemala. The sound of small children and babies crying can be heard in the background. The male cult members have apparently tried to disguise their identity by wearing baseball caps with their payos tucked in and regular clothing. The women are wearing Muslim-style head coverings (hijabs, which cover the head and the neck) and aren’t wearing the capes and shawls typically worn by female cult members.



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